SquareBlox is a dynamic digital media strategy, design, development and consulting firm comprised of experienced strategists, designers, developers, and management professionals. We provide quality web solutions for associations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and commercial businesses and corporations.

Our mission at SquareBlox is to provide superior digital media solutions with exceptional customer service. Our team works closely with each client to define their online objectives and achieve them by using leading, proven web technologies and strategies. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in delivering quality technical, creative and marketing solutions. We can help you turn your concept from vision to reality.


We serve a diverse client base by offering a range of consulting in web technology. Connecting web technology to your business needs and growth.


Experts in results-driven designing by understanding fundamentals about the target audience and business branding unique itself.


Our development team provides professional full-cycle services in web, mobile app, and custom software development.


Here at SquareBlox, our clients’ goals become our goals as we work together to achieve their objectives.


We provide web design and mobile app development services to any company looking for a competitive advantage in using the latest technology in their respective business and we are going to help them meet their expectations. As a collective unit, we have experience in all the industry leading technologies.

  • Web Strategy
  • Every successful campaign begins with a strategic plan and every successful strategic plan is composed by a group of minds working in unison. We work with our clients to create an effective online presence, inspire real world ideas and ultimately bring more clients through your door.

  • UI/UX Design
  • We design websites to fit our client needs. We work with you to understand your business, your audience and your internal business needs. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get what you want the way you want it – on time and within your budget. We happily work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today to see how we can help you better connect with your audience.

  • Web Development
  • We can help you develop powerful mobile friendly Web sites using popular open source content management systems. We are experts in Drupal, WordPress, and responsive design and take setup-by-step process of design, build, and deploy sites that will work brilliantly for any user devices.

  • Web Content Migration
  • We can provide support for any phase of your website’s content migration based on your needs.

  • Branding & Style Guide
  • We can help your organization or agency with all of your branding and style guide needs.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating an online marketing strategy for your marketing campaign will allow you to better understand who you are targeting, why you have chosen them and what you expect to achieve as a result of the campaign. Our process is simple. We meet with you, learn about your business, and together we create a message and easy-to-manage plan to engage your customers online every day.


    Drupal is supported by a large developer community and best serves websites requiring heavy customization. Learn more about how Drupal can improve your business website..


    WordPress is a fastest growing open source platform that makes website content management easier than ever before. Learn more about how WordPress can improve your business website.


    Web-based apps are more popular today. Learn more about what type of app is best for your business vision. Web apps continually redefining what people can do with a mobile device.

    Web Usability Testing

    Web usability testing to evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users during a test, participants will try to complete typical tasks while observers watch, listen and takes notes.

    Web Analytics

    The focus is on identifying measures based on your organizational and user goals and using the website data to determine the success or failure of those goals and to drive strategy and improve the user’s experience.

    Web Content Strategy

    Web content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, governance, and migration of content. Content not only includes the words on the page but also the images and multimedia that are used.


    Our clients’ goals become our goals as we work together to achieve their objectives. We help them turn their concept from vision to reality.


    Here at SquareBlox we specialize in web design and development, mobile app development, and technical consulting.



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